Flush Drive

Big Foot Flush Drive

When it comes to professional work, the details matter. Overdriving nails can compromise both the look and structural integrity of your projects. This is where the Big Foot Flush Drive Nail Gun Accessory (Part# ACC-FD) comes into play. With its simple installation process using the provided hardware once you start using our Flush Drive, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start using it sooner.

Why Overdriving is a Problem:

Overdriving nails forces the nail head deep into the material, co mpressing the material underneath. This compression creates ongoing pressure on the underside of the nail head, which over time can cause the nail to loosen or come out prematurely.

Big Foot Flush Drive Nail Gun Accessory (Part# ACC-FD):

The Big Foot Flush Drive is designed to stop nails from being overdriven. It features an all-aluminum “C” shaped donut that helps precisely control the depth of the nail head and protect the surface at the same time ensuring each nail is perfectly set.

Key Features:

Easy Installation: Quickly attach the Flush Drive to your nail gun's nose with thumb screws or set screws–no tools required; minimal effort needed. An Allen wrench for set screws is included.

Versatile Compatibility: Works seamlessly with several nail gun models, including:

Adjustable and Reliable: Set the flush drive to your desired depth for various tools and projects. Its patented C-shape design ensures the nail gun functions properly, allowing for nail and misfire ejection without interference.

Prevents Material Damage: By avoiding overdriving, the Flush Drive prevents visible damage to your materials and maintains the holding strength of nails.

Why Choose Big Foot Flush Drive?

With the Big Foot Flush Drive, you not only enhance the aesthetic quality of your work but also reinforce its structural integrity. It’s a must -have for professional framers and serious DIYers who prioritize quality and durability in their projects. Easy to install and works with the listed professional nail guns, this accessory is a game -changer in the world of framing and construction. Say goodbye to the hassles of overdriven nails and hello to flawless results with every use.


ONE SMALL TRICK TO KEEP THE THUMB-LOCK SCREWS FROM LOOSENING DURING USE I use this on my Metabo/Hitachi NR90AE(S1) framing nailer when installing siding. I mainly use it as an no-mar option instead of the little hard plastic/ synthetic rubber ones that you can buy specifically for this gun that wear out way too quickly & repeatedly blow off when they get worn. The thing is that you don't want to use the set screws to secure this flush drive nose piece on your framing gun if you also use it for framing. So the tip is to obviously use the thumb screws, but they have a tendency to loosen frequently. Put one, or two wraps of plumber's thread sealing tape on the threads of the thumb screws & trim off the excess. You'll have to reapply next time you use the gun for siding or after you take this off in order to use it again as a framer but there you have it. All that said, the flush drive nose piece adapter works great as an no-mar option for your framing gun or as an flush driver.
Necessary if you are working on T1-11 Siding Bought this for a siding job that I had coming up ended up lossing it before the job so bought another one. This is great if you do not want to bury the nail in the siding of T1-11.

It works as it should and keeps the nail flush or just under flush. It is easy to put on the end of your nailgun and easy to take off. Small enogh you can store it will nailgun or in your tool bags.
- Amazon Customer
Basically the same as the old ones I used flush nailers for siding for years, back when Hitachi guns didn’t have the stupid built in flush nailers that truly suck and are virtually worthless. I still have my 20 year old Hitachi framing gun, no stupid guard around the spring, no spring either, which is how I’ve nailed siding and exterior trim for a long while. I bought this flush nailer to use for fence pickets. It is the same as my old ones but for the thumb screws, the old ones only had Alan screws to secure it to the push lever, which this one also has, but the thumb screws are quicker. The thumb screws might get in the way of you had to nail in a tight corner but other wise they’re a useful addition. Nails sank perfectly flush, the flush nailer didn’t fall off, it also seems durable.
- Isaac H.
Worked fine on my Hitachi NR82A2 Easy to install for nails shorter than 3-1/4". Shot my 2-3/8" nails in flush.
- Amazon Customer
Worked great on LP Smart Siding Shakes I used this product on a Porter Cable framing nailer to limit the depth of set on the nails. I was able to get the nail heads flush with no over driving. I was very satisfied and happy to avoid buying a siding nailer for just one small project
- Deano
nice nose piece Added this to one of my framing guns for siding installs, I used the allen screws vs the thumb screws, I won't remove this much but thumb screws great if you only have one gun. Much better/ duable than the rubber ones I see that come with the new framing nailers and all at a very reasonable price.
- Amazon Customer