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Big Foot Tools
Henderson, NV 89011

Phone: (702) 565-9954
Fax: (702) 579-9046
Toll Free: 1-888-798-4499
Email: sales@bigfootsaws.com

This saw will help you knockout the toughest of projects with its 14” thin kerf carbide blade that cuts all 6x materials and 5 1/8” glu-lams in just one pass.  It can even gang cut 2x6 materials standing on edge in one pass!

Other features of this extraordinary saw include:

  • A new universal handle for both left and right handed users
  • Depth of cut at a 45 degree angle is 4"
  • A built-in 75 degree swing table
  • Extra swing for gang cutting rafters (The Big Boy will cut 5 3/8” for the seat of a bird’s mouth!). 
  • A one month warranty on the motor and a one year warranty on the kit
  • Plus, it comes with a free Big Foot T-shirt!

We’ve got the perfect accessory for your Big Boy—it’s our 14” slip foot, which can be added to the Big Boy for beam trimming.  It slides on your existing foot with ease; you won’t need any tools to add it! 

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