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Big Foot Tools
Henderson, NV 89011

Phone: (702) 565-9954
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Toll Free: 1-888-798-4499
Email: sales@bigfootsaws.com

This is the one that put Big Foot Tools on the map! The Big Foot Ten Inch is able to cut any 4x wood materials in just one pass, which eliminates the need for additional finishing tools.

With a 10 ¼” thin kerf blade, it’s a great saw for work on decks, porches and fence posts.  And the Ten Inch cuts with such efficiency that you will save at least an hour a day in labor costs.  That’s five extra hours of earning potential in an average week! Ask professional carpenters and framers, and they will tell you that extra earning time is no small benefit of using the Ten Inch, which is the saw of choice in their industries.

When cutting at a 90 degree angle with the 10 1/4" Big Foot Saw Adapter the depth of cut is 3-7/8"
When cutting at a 45 degree angle with the 10 1/4" Big Foot Saw Adapter the depth of cut is 3-1/8"

When you purchase a Big Foot Saw, you also get a 10 1/4" carbide blade with a diamond knockout center.  And we even throw in a free Big Foot t-shirt! 

In Addition to our BF Saw 10 1/4" U-Ground w/Skil® Motor we have available:
BF Saw 10 1/4" Twist lock w/Skil® motor

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