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Big Foot Tools
Henderson, NV 89011

Phone: (702) 565-9954
Fax: (702) 579-9046
Toll Free: 1-888-798-4499
Email: sales@bigfootsaws.com

A professional Carpenter for twenty seven years invented the BIG FOOT Saw for all professional carpenters, framers and remodelers.

The BIG FOOT Saw was originally designed for cutting 2 plates in one pass, for example 2 2x4’s or 2 2x6’s. It was discovered that it could cut any 4x materials in one pass, The BIG FOOT Saw will cut your 4x headers, double 2x sandwich headers, exposed beams for decks, porches, 4x4 fence posts, shapeplates and 7 sheets plus of 1/2" Plywood with one cut.

You can understand why every professional carpenter and framer should have the BIG FOOT Saw on all their jobs. Also The BIG FOOT Saw is remodelers #1 tool since it will cut any 2x4 wall in one pass thus eliminating the use of another tool to finish the job.

When cutting at a 90 degree angle with the 10 1/4" Big Foot the depth of cut is 3-7/8"
When cutting at a 45 degree angle with the 10 1/4" Big Foot the depth of cut is 3-1/8"

The BIG FOOT Saw saves you precious time and effort allowing you to move to the next job quicker and saving you money. With it’s 10 1/4" thin kerf blade this saw cuts like a dream earning you hundreds of dollars a year. Knowing the BIG FOOT Saw will save you at least one hour a day in labor costs. The BIG FOOT Saw has more than enough power to cut all wood materials with it”s 10 1/4" blade therefore we give a one year warranty including all our accessories. Kits also available complete w/blade and Free BIG FOOT T-Shirt.

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