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Big Foot Tools
Henderson, NV 89011

Phone: (702) 565-9954
Fax: (702) 579-9046
Toll Free: 1-888-798-4499
Email: sales@bigfootsaws.com
June 2007
New & Improved Website Launch .
We've taken our old website out to pasture and in it's place is our new and improved look. Please look it over and let us know...
February 2007
World's First Dual Line Chalk Box .
That's right, two lines! Some people say, well why do you need two lines, and then they look in their nail bags when doing layout and find 2 or 3 chalk boxes in them. Whether it's one color, two colors, both with the same color or leaving one as a dry line...
Big Foot Tools is not your average, everyday tool manufacturing company, and neither is the man who envisioned the company and these—quite literally—cutting edge tools.  Robert Hutchings worked as a framer and carpenter for nearly three decades, and it was because of these years of on-the-job work experience we have so many of the tools we offer.

While we are proud to offer unique, durable tools at affordable prices, we at Big Foot Tools consider every product, a work in progress.  That is, we are constantly looking for ways to do what Robert Hutchings started out doing:  finding ways to make tools tougher, stronger and lighter.

At its heart, though, Big Foot Tools remains a down-home company started and run by people who know the carpentry industry, because we have worked in the industry.  We, too, once made our living as carpenters and framers, and our unique tool designs reflect the most efficient, stable, durable, and safe designs anywhere. After all, WE wouldn’t take any less quality tools to our own job sites.

Certainly, we think of ourselves as the kind of old fashioned quality tool maker that you just don’t find in the big box stores, and for us, that’s not a bad thing.  Outstanding customer service and unbeatable quality tools have always been our top priority—and they always will be.

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