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Welded Layout Stick

The Big Foot Layout Stick is one great tool for stud placement, as well as for stud layout and stud marking.

You can use the Big Foot Layout Stick for  16” and 24” on center. 

When using the Big Foot Layout  Stick, start with what center of studs that you will be needing for your wall studs,  16” 24”.  Place an end of the Layout Stick at the end of a wall and start marking with layout arms set in place.  You can mark on both sides of the arms.  They are 1-1/2” wide. 

When you finish marking the studs, move the Layout Stick down to where you made your last marks and place the layout arm on the marks and continue with your marks.

Our Welded Layout Stick is 100% Made in USA

Part# LA-LSW