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SA-1025ST - Big Foot Swing Table
SA-1025ST - 75 Degrees of Swing

BF 75° Swing Table

The Big Foot 75º Swing Table is custom-made in our shop for the Big Foot 10-1/4” Saw and  allows you to cut full bearing rafters, beams, glu-lams, micro-lams and more. 

The Big Foot Swing Table is the only table for cutting the full bearing material needed for your 2×4 wall beams or your 2×6 wall beams, and is very easy and safe to use. 
Features of the 75 degree swing table include:

  • Thumb lever assembly
  • Easy installation in two minutes or less

The quadrant is marked from 0 to 75º so there is no guessing what degree you are on. 

The Big Foot Swing Table fits only Big Foot Saws. 

You can buy the Big Foot Swing Table separately or buy the Big Foot Saw with the Swing Table already attached.


Depth of cut at 90 degrees: 3-7/8”

Depth of cut at 45 degrees: 2-7/8″

Depth of cut at 75 degrees: 1-1/8”

Depth of cut at 60 degrees: 2”

Part# SA-1025ST