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The Big Foot 75º Swing Table, tailor - made for the Big Foot 10 - 1/4” Saw, is a vital tool for professional framers. It uniquely enables cutting full bearing rafters, beams, glu - lams, micro - lams, and more, especially useful for complex projects by allowing your saw to go up to 75 - degree bevel.

Unique Benefits for Professional Framing

Why choose the Big Foot 75° Swing Table

For professional framers facing the challenge of complex angular cuts, the Big Foot 75º Swing Table is more than an accessory; it's a necessity. It turns difficult and time - consuming tasks into efficient and precise operations, ensuring your framing stands out for its quality and accuracy. Enhance your Big Foot Saw with this indispensable accessory and experience a new level of framing proficiency.

Key Features:


Quality product. Problem-free. If you need this table, be sure to purchase the Bigfoot saw, not the Skil Sasquatch, as the depth adjustment slide is located differently so this table doesn't fit. I use this for gang-cutting seat cuts in rafters, it's essential. Comes with low-profile nut for the depth adjustment clamp and shorter bolt for angle adjustment clamp. Attaches quickly; no additional parts needed
- James Moerk
Own a Big Foot, but this table. Should have bought this back when I bought my Big Foot. Incredible table!
- Amazon Customer
Must Have Perfect for cutting custom Roofs. I also Use it to cut beams but I prefer to switch back to the Standard Table for everyday use.
- Amazon Customer