OEM Parts

OEM Skil® Replacement Parts

OEM Skil® Replacement Parts

Fits SKILSAW® SPT77-W series wormdrive saws.

Comes with Upper Guard (OEM# 1 619 X06 248), Lower Guard (OEM# 1 619 X04 693), Foot Plate (OEM# 1 619 X06 258) & Return spring (OEM# 1 619 X04 765)

RP---Hardware-Replacement-PackIn Addition to our OEM Skil® Replacement Parts we have available: OEM Skil® Mag Replacement Parts OEM Bosch® Replacement Parts Big Foot Tools replacement packs fit all Skil® , HD®, and Bosch® 1677M 7 ¼” and 8 ¼” worm drive saws.

Hardware Replacement Pack

Comes with 1-carriage bolt, 1-lift lever, 2-acorn nuts, 1-stud, 1-upper guard screw, 3-washers, 2-locking levers, 2-C clips, 1 lift lever screw. In Addition to our OEM Replacement Parts above we have available: OEM Skil® 7-1/4 Inch Blades OEM Skil® / Bosch® Acorn, Locking Lever and Snap Ring Hardware Pack OEM Skil® / Bosch® Brushes OEM Skil® / Bosch® 22 AMP Trigger OEM Skil® / Bosch® 15 AMP Field OEM Skil® / Bosch® 15 AMP Armature Replacement Inner & Outer Arbor Washer Type 17, Type 1 Mag and Type 2, 8-1/4

Part# OEM-SRPNEW (Skil replacement parts) Part# OEM-TRG (Trigger) Part# OEM-BRU (Brushes) Part# OEM-ALS (Hardware Replacement pack)