Saw Blades

Big Foot 10-1/4” Saw Blades

Top-Quality Beam Saw Blades on the Market:

Our blades are designed with the perfect balance of strength and ruggedness. The high carbon steel, heat-treated Big Foot blade with 36 carbide-tipped teeth is the ultimate general-purpose blade and the 24 tooth is perfect for ripping. We use the best-grade carbide teeth, a thin but strong steel plate that resists blade flex and gives you a clean, straight, controlled cut. Our thin kerf blade helps prolong your saw's life by putting the least stress possible on the motor, allowing higher RPMs and better-resulting cuts.

Retain Your Optimal Performance and Precision Every Time:

Keep your Big Foot Saw at its best with our OEM blades. Using our top-quality blades makes sure your saw cuts great and stays reliable. Whether you're a pro or doing a project at home, our blades help your Big Foot Saw work like new, cut after cut.

Fits All 10-1/4” Beam Saws Regardless of Brand:

Our blades fit many brands of 10 -1/4” saws, making them great for use on any 10-1/4 Beam Saw. They have a 5/8 -inch arbor with a diamond knockout. This means they work well with both worm drive machines and standard 5/8” round arbors too. Use our blades to ensure your saw cuts well and lasts longer, no matter the brand, give it a Big Foot upgrade!

Big Foot 10 1/4′′ x 36 Tooth Carbide Tipped General Purpose Blade (Part# BL-102536T)

The Big Foot 10 1/4" x 36 Tooth Carbide Tipped General Purpose Blade isn't just any saw blade; it's a game-changer in the world of beam saws. Designed specially for the Big Foot Beam Saw and can be used on most any 10-1/4 inch beam saw, this blade is the best in its class. It's the ideal choice for professional framers and serious DIYers who need to gang-cut lumber or tackle a variety of general cutting tasks, offering precision, efficiency, and durability.

Big Foot 10 1/4′′ x 24 Tooth Carbide Tipped Rip Blade (Part# BL-102524T)

The Big Foot 10 1/4" x 24 Tooth Carbide Tipped Rip Blade is the perfect your Big Foot Beam Saw, when it comes to demanding ripping tasks. Its design and thin kerf ensure smooth and precise cuts without overheating or distortion. This blade is a top choice for professional framers and serious DIYers who value efficiency, safety, and quality in their work.

Universal Fit: Suitable for all 10 -1/4 inch beam saws with a 5/8 inch round or Diamond Knockout Arbor.

Designed for Ripping: Excellently crafted for ripping tasks, offering fast, straight cuts with precision

Thin Kerf for Straight Cuts: The thin kerf design cuts through materials with ease, ensuring a smooth and straight finish

Superior Cutting Depth: Capable of cutting materials up to 3 -7/8” at 90° and up to 2-3/4” at 45°

14” Saw Blades

Experience the ultimate cutting efficiency with our exclusive line of 14" blades, originally designed for the Big Boy Saw. These super thin, lightweight blades are engineered to reduce stress on your saw's motor, extending its lifespan and maintaining opti mal performance.

Big Boy 14′′ x 48 Tooth Carbide Tipped Blade (Part #BL-1448T)

This 14" x 48 Tooth Carbide Tipped Blade is your go-to for powerful, precise cutting. Its ultra-thin design is perfect for a range of applications, delivering the quality and performance Big Foot Tools is known for.

Big Boy 14′′ x 60 Tooth Carbide Tipped Blade (Part #BL-1460T)

Upgrade your cutting experience with the Big Boy 14" x 60 Tooth Carbide Tipped Blade. Crafted for excellence, this blade ensures smooth, precise cuts, perfect for a wide range of heavy -duty applications

These 14” blades from Big Foot Tools not only offer exceptional cutting capabilities but also ensure your saw operates at peak efficiency, making them essential tools for professionals and serious DIY enthusiasts.


This is the solution to the Diablo wobble I am a professional contractor who does a lot of beam framing. I bought the skilsaw Sawsquatch recently and was looking for a new blade to solve the wobble problem of the Diablo blade that comes with the saw. This blade does the trick! It is made in China but seems to be a quality unit so far. It's 36 teeth instead of 40 like the Diablo but the cut is still clean. The saw doesn't work as hard with less teeth so it cuts smoother, you don't have to push as hard. This blade is great! Only regret is that I didn't buy the two pack.
- J. Hill
Big Foot blade eliminates wobble Bought this blade to replace the original Diablo blade that came with the Skil Sawsquatch saw. The Diablo blade had a serious wobble problem because of being way to thin, the Bigfoot blade runs straight and true, no more wobble!
- Larry
Good Blade This is the only blade that you should use on a 10 1/4" bigfoot. The only other brand available in this size that I am aware of is the Freoid blade. That blade is to thin and wobbles a lot.
- Kim Howard
Good thick blade Good Blade. It did dull rather quick. I was cutting through 3" of lumber flooring (5/8" maple hardwood + 2+-" of plywood underlayment) Got about 40' and started slowing down and getting hot. Had to run to Home Depot grabbed a bunch of Diablos and made several shallow cuts to finish job. I did buy another Big Foot blade next time I just won't push it so hard. Wonder if there's enough carbide to be sharpened?? BTW I ran this on a new Big Foot saw. NOT impressed, saw just doesn't have the amps required to really push through the longer cuts, probably OK for the framer making short beam cuts, allowing the saw to cool.
- Campbell
Hands down winner against the Freud Used this side by side after purchasing a new saw with the Freud blade. Hands down cleaner cuts and felt more stable cutting 3x fir for some architectural beams. It’s absolutely worth it.
- Amazon Customer
I purchased the 10 1/4" Skilsaw. It came with the Diablo blade which could not cut a straight, square and plumb cut. That blade is too thin. I ordered the Big Foot BFCB 10 1/4" blade and THIS is the blade to use with the big skilsaw. I cut several sets of stair stringers in 4 x 12 doug fir and this blade cut square and plumb. Buy it!
- AK carpenter