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The Professional Hammer for the Professional Craftsman

Driving a nail in a hard to reach spot or in tight spaces, takes extra time, is awkward and sometimes not even possible with a traditional hammer. Nail heads that aren’t knocked flush can cause bumps in sheetrock and other issues that reflect poorly on your crew’s performance, and carrying ladders around the worksite to knock down nail heads or maneuvering around rebar and tight framing takes time and energy.

Get the job done faster by adding a Big Foot Pea Shooter Hammer to your tool box. With the Big Foot Pea Shooters, you can quickly knockdown nail heads when walking your framing job or even drive nails from start to finish with our magnetic version that holds the nail in place despite the angle and area you need to reach, perfect for use when nailing off concrete forms or that joist hanger missing a nail.

Difficult Jobs Done Faster

Finish the Job Faster

When you can get nails in overhead, between rebar, and anywhere else you need them in a matter of seconds, you’ll finish your toughest pickup work faster and with less effort.

Improve Work Quality

The highest quality construction comes from experience and attention to detail. You’ve got the experience. Now get the tool you need to take care of the final details.


The Pea Shooter Slide Hammer will quickly pay for itself in reduced labor and job completion time, and it’s affordable enough to have one on each job.

All the Quality You Expect from Big Foot Tools

Always Have the Right Tool for the Job

Choose the reach, maneuverability, and convenience you need with 2 available sizes in both standard and magnetic versions. Magnetic Barrel Pea Shooter slide hammers hold the nail in place so you can reach overhead or in tight spaces without dropping the nail.

The shorter 24” style allows for easier handling while the longer 36” style provides greater reach.

Model # PT-PS24

24″ Pea Shooter

Model # PT-PS36

36″ Pea Shooter

Model # PT-PS24M

24″ Magnetic Tip Pea Shooter

Model # PT-PS36M

36″ Magnetic Tip Pea Shooter
Fast and Easy Access

Drive nails in spots that are too tight to swing a hammer or too high to reach without a ladder.

Highly Compatible

Fits nails 3D to 30D, gauge 14 to 5, with a nail head size 13/64” to 7/16”.

Great for Any Job

Gutters, Overhead, Joist Hangers, Between Rebar, Under-House, and any hard-to-reach spot.


If you need to nailed down anything at a job site that can’t be reached by hammer this tool is just for you. Particularly this model has a magnetic barrel inside at the end the give you ability to have a nail already there and pointed out whenever you need it without loosing a nail. I’m giving 4 stars just because some common nail has bigger head diameter. But most of nails will work with this tool
- Bohdan Holyachuk
Bought this to use when I work on concrete forms. The shaft was about 3/8” longer than the tube, resulting in the shaft itself punching into the plywood when driving nails. Fixed this by using an angle grinder to take off that 3/8” so it was flush with the end of the tube. Works perfect now.
- Will Richter
Greatest investment ever. Works perfectly
- Flex
Love the magnetic tip!
- John
Came exactly what i ordered. When i brough it i was affraid about the handle not being heavy enouf for beating the nails. But when it did arrived i could see that is exacly like in the picture. Looks very nice and the handle is not too havy but havy enouf to beat the nails.
- Vall
Works great! It's a lot cheaper and better than White ...
- Tuan Tran
Not much to review really, straight forward tool, gets the job done
- Besart

Big Foot Tools

We here at Big Foot Tools are professionals just like you. We’re tradesmen who have made a living as carpenters and framers, and our designs are a reflection of our experience, expertise, and standards of quality. We’re a down-home company run by honest, hardworking people who know the industry, and we’re always looking for ways to make our tools stronger, lighter, and more efficient.