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Magnetic Barrel Pea Shooter
Magnetic Barrel Pea Shooter
Magnetic Barrel Pea Shooter


The Big Foot Magnetic Tip Pea Shooters are designed so that you can not only finish driving nails in hard to reach places, but also completely drive a nail from start to finish.  The magnetic barrel holds the nail in the tip of the tool allowing anyone to nail overhead, straight down or sideways, and reach anywhere you wouldn’t be able to swing a traditional hammer.  It is a must for any Carpenter doing pick-up work on any frame job, either custom or production framing, or any concrete form workers nailing in tight spots. The Big Foot Pea Shooter allows you to reach nails that are unreachable by a hammer or too high up to reach normally from the ground without a ladder. Thus, the Big Foot Pea Shooter eliminates the time-consuming and energy-sapping need to drag a ladder around the job site to address protruding nail heads. We all know that non-flush nail heads with framing will leave bumps in your sheet rock, a poor reflection on your work. The Big Foot Pea Shooter is the fastest way to knock nail heads down flush: just slip the end of the Big Foot Pea Shooter over the nail head and slam the slide hammer until the head is flush. The Pea Shooters are compatible with nail sizes 3D to 30D, gauge 14 to 5, with nail head size 13/64″ to 7/16″.

  • Has a magnetic barrel tip with 2.72 lbs of pull force
  • Available in 24” and 36” sizes
  • The Big Foot Pea Shooter has a soft grip handle for easy handling
  • Zinc coating to prevent rust
  • It’s made in the USA.

Part# PT-PS24M  24″ Magnetic Tip Pea Shooter

Part# PT-PS36M  36″ Magnetic Tip Pea Shooter