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Big Foot Tools Folding Layout Stick (Part # LA-LSFM)

Whether you go for the Big Foot Tools Welded Layout Stick or the Collapsible Metal Folding Layout Stick, you're getting a tool that makes your job easier. These tools save you time and help you do your work with precision, without needing to constantly measure and mark. Choose the one that fits your needs and experience a simpler, more efficient way to get your framing projects done right.

Work smarter, not harder, with the Big Foot Tools Collapsible Metal Folding Layout Stick, a stud layout guide that folds up when you're not using it. Just like the welded version, it helps you mark where studs need to go without needing a tape measure.

Big Foot Tools Collapsible Metal Folding Layout Stick (Part # LA-LSFM)

What you get with the Big Foot Tools Collapsible Metal Folding Layout Stick:

Big Foot Tools Welded Layout Stick (Part # LA-LSW)

Get the job done right with the Big Foot Tools Welded Layout Stick, the no -nonsense wall stud spacing tool that helps you place studs perfectly every time. With this tool, you can speed up your layouts without the hassle of using a tape measure.

Straightforward Use: This tool is ready to use for 16” or 24” on -center wall stud placements. Just put one end of the stick at the start of the wall, and use it to mark where each stud needs to go using the 1-1/2” wide arms.

Easy Marking: Once you make the first marks, just move the stick down to the last marks, line up the arms with the marks, and keep going. This tape-free wall stud positioning tool makes marking quick and easy.

Here is what the Big Foot Tools Welded Layout Stick offers:


If you have a good detail man out front , you should rarely need to pull your tape . This tool is a big time saver for layout. That said ! If your not a framer then you probably don’t need this tool. This tool has many benefits for framers , just to name a couple , it’s very easy to lead your plywood for gaping and still stay true , its also easy and accurate to strike both plates and again for ply layout from window/door/HD openings out for sheer wall panels . This tool is for production layout men , not your weekend warrior that built a house once but probably swept and blames his layout stick . If you don’t understand why it’s strike points are 16” 24” centers you should put it down and pick up a broom. I use this tool because done right it cleanly sets you up for the following phase . Also it makes it easier fo apprentices or labourers to read plate details and spread lumber as needed .
- Rudy
Production framers tool. This tool is for production. It allows you to layout all your plates and quickly mark stud locations @ 16"oc or 24" oc on both plates without the need of a tape measure. Saves time! No mismarks from cubs. Would give five stars if the tool was cheaper.
- Chad Schulte
Works perfectly We’re building a cabin and we saw a video of a framer using one of these. So we bought one and it works great! It made laying the subfloor, the walls, and the ceiling/ roof so much faster. Anyone framing a stick-built building needs this tool
- pinepixie
A must have tool when framing a wall! Sure does make the task of laying out the framing of walls go easier!
- Timothy R Fletcher
Home build Love the ease of use ! Great product!
- Mandygwen
Looking forward to first use. I bought this after seeing it being used by another contractor. Seems like a simple way to get accurate layout. Looking forward to using on next build in a few weeks.
- Rangersmith