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Folding Layout Stick - 12" On Center
Folding Layout Stick - 24" On Center
Folding Layout Stick - 16" On Center
Folding Layout Stick
Folding Layout Stick – Rubber Knobs Stay Cool
Folding Layout Stick – Center Line Marking Made Easy

Layout Stick (12″, 16″ & 24″ OC – Plastic Folding Arms)


 Big Foot Tools Layout Sticks are a must for framers doing layout work, stud placement and marking on the job site.   The Big Foot Tools layout sticks take out as much human error as possible in the stud layout process and allows users to do high production level layout quickly and easily.

The Big Foot Layout Sticks are simple to use to mark the center or edges of your stud when doing framing layout.  Just place one end of the layout stick at the end of the wall and you can rapidly start marking stud locations either 16 or 24 inch on center or even 12 inch on center with the folding version.  When you finish marking the studs, move the Layout Stick down to where you made your last marks and place the layout stick arm on the marks and continue marking. The easy to use arm design allows you to mark both sides of the arm, or just the center depending what you need to do.

The folding layout stick allows users to fold the arms neatly away for storage when not in use. You no longer have to worry about the arms getting tangled up in your cords or damaged by other tools, and it can even fit behind your seat in the truck.  The folding Layout Stick is made of 6061 aluminum and polycarbonate arms making it light weight and durable.

Our Big Foot Layout Stick is Made in the USA

Part# LA-LSF