Keel Holder

Keel Holder - Available with Optional Case
Keel Holder - Optional Case has Heavy Loop and Clip
Keel Holder – Optional Case has with Velcro Closure
Keel Holder – Comes with Pencil and Crayons - Case is Optional

Keel Holder w/Crayons & Pencil – Optional  Case


The Big Foot Keel Holder is like no other one on the market. 

It carries 2 crayons and 1 carpenter’s pencil and fits in your nail bag side pocket or in its own carrying case. 

The Big Foot Keel Holder is great for doing layout because you have the pencil to mark on the plates, and 2 crayons for your marks on the slab, floor and plates. 

The Big Foot Keel Holder can be used with one color to make marks for your high walls, short walls, headers, door openings, window sizes and openings and the other color for notations.


Big Foot Crayons

If you are looking for a durable crayon that writes easily on all surfaces, Big Foot Lumber Crayons do the job perfectly. Features include:

  • Available in red, blue and black
  • 12 crayons per box
  • Fits all keel holders
  • High heat resistant in up to 140 degrees of heat (even when crayons are oily and wet!).

Part# LA-KWCP Keel Holder Part# LA-KWCPC Keel Holder w/case