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Head Cutter XL
CS-75HCXL - Head Cutter XL
CS-75HCXL - Head Cutter XL
CS-75HCXL and CS-75HC

Big Foot 75º Degree Head Cutter XL (Extra Large)


Big Foot Tools 75º Precision Chainsaw Attachement

Big Foot 75º degree Head Cutter XL, performs beyond the reach of all common portable circular saw tools, and it is the framer’s dream! Its unique, patented design allows it to clamp to any chainsaw (14″-44″bar) in seconds to become a GIANT precision cutting tool. The Big Foot Head Cutter XL really is a Multi-Purpose tool that can be used for cutting, glue-lambs, mirco-lambs, tji’s, landscaping lumber, fence posts, large structural panels and more! the Big Foot Head Cutter is the ultimate tool for log home builders; it makes the difficult cuts easy and they’re done with accuracy and speed.

Features of the Big Foot 75º Degree Head Cutter XL include:

  • Laterally angularly adjustable from vertical through 75º
  • Wide base plate 20″ x 14″ for superior stability and precise freehand cutting
  • Designed for easy guiding—following a snap-line or scribed arc is effortless
  • Easy clean up–saw chain throws wood chips away from your work area
  • Designed for safety and precision—the Big Foot Head Cutter gives you an unobstructed view of the saw chain
  • Has a built in handle for better control and support
  • Will accommodate chainsaw bars 2″- 6″ wide

Part# CS-75HCXL

Head Cutter Instructions:

Click here to see the head cutter instructions