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Dual Line Chalk Box - Easy Replacement String
Dual Line Chalk Box - Quick Rewind
Dual Line Chalk Box - Use 1 Line at Time
Dual Line Chalk Box - 2 Lines = 2 Colors
Dual Line Chalk Box - Folding Crank
Dual Line Chalk Box - Easy Access Fill Door
Dual Line Chalk Box - Each Line Operates Independently
4 oz. Big Foot Chalk - Red
4 oz. Big Foot Chalk - Blue
4 oz. Big Foot Chalk - Black
5 Gallon Big Foot Chalk - Blue
5 Gallon Big Foot Chalk - Black
5 Gallon Big Foot Chalk - Red

Dual Line Chalk Box



The Big Foot Dual Cavity Chalk Box is the world’s first 2-line chalk box. 

Two lines in one box allows you that ability to use 1 line for red chalk for your layout and the other line for your dry line to locate different off sets on the foundation.  

You can also use a different color for your high walls, rake walls and short walls.

If you need more chalk of the same color you can use both sides of the Big Foot Dual Cavity Chalk Box.  

The Box has 125’ of line in each side of the box for a total of 250’.  Changing lines is easy with the replacement spool which has the string guide and hook already on it.  It is so quick to change out it will only take a minute to complete.

The Big Foot Dual Cavity Chalk Box is made of light-weight aluminum with durable gears for longer life  and fits in your nail bag.

Part# LA-DCB Big Foot Chalk Box Part# LA-DCBWC Big Foot Chalk Box w/chalk


Big Foot Chalk


Big Foot Chalk is some of the best chalk on the market today, great for siding, carpet and tiles of any kind.

The Big Foot Chalk contains no cement die.

  • Available in 4 oz. bottles or 5 lb. bottles
  • Available in red, blue or black
  • All colors available in both sizes
  • For use with Big Foot Tool Chalk Snap-Line and all other chalk boxes
  • Comes in re-sealable, water-resistant containers

The red and black chalk are the permanent colors, while blue will wash off. 

Part# LA-CR1G Red 5lbs …… LA-CR4 Red 4oz Part# LA-BLK1G Black 5lbs …. LA-BLK4 Black 4oz Part# LA-BLU1G Blue 5lbs …. . LA-BLU4 Blue 4oz


Dual Line Chalk Box Replacement String

20150920_IMG_1715 These replacement spools are designed specifically for the Big Foot Chalk Snap-Line. Replacement spools pack includes:

    • Two (2) replacement spools
  • 125 ft. of nylon braided string
  • String guide and hook

Part# LA-DCBRS Replacement String