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Big Boy 14″ Worm Drive Beam Saw

The Big Foot Big Boy 14″ Worm Drive Beam Saw is the best option for cutting 6x material in a single pass. It’s lighter and more versatile than other saws and has a built in 75º swing table.This saw will help you knock out the toughest of projects with its 14” thin kerf carbide blade that cuts all 6x materials and 5 1/8” glu-lams in just one pass.  It can even  gang-cut 2 x 6 materials standing on edge in one pass!

Check out our impressive cut capabilities:

  • Depth of cut at 90 degrees 5-3/4”
  • Depth of cut at a 45 degree angle is 4″ deep 5-1/4” long cut
  • Depth of cut at 60 degrees 2-3/8” deep  4-7/8” long cut
  • Depth of cut at 75 degrees 1-1/4” deep 4-1/8” long cut
  • Built-in 75º swing table
  • Extra swing for gang cutting rafters The Big Boy will cut 5-3/8” for the seat of a bird’s mouth!. 


Except for the SKILSAW® Motor, all of our parts are Made in the USA, from the aluminum and laser-cutting to the welding.

Don’t forget to send in your warranty card, we’ll send you a free Big Foot T-shirt!

The 14“ Big Boy comes standard with a U-Ground cord but is also available with a Twist lock,  just ask your dealer when ordering.

The 14” Big Boy is backed by a 1-year warranty on all parts except the Skil® motor which is covered for 1 month.

Part# SC-14BU


Accessory: Big Boy Slip Plate*

We’ve got the perfect accessory for your Big Boy—our 14” slip foot, which can be added to the Big Boy for beam trimming.  It slides on your existing foot with ease; you won’t need any tools to add it! 

*The Big Boy Slip Plate only Fits the 14” Big Boy Saw.

Part# SA-14SP